Stage 1: Find Your Domain Name

  • Search our Marketplace, we have 1000+ domain names listed, from our clients.
  • We will help you with price negotiations and purchasing.
  • Do you require a stealth acquisition to ensure your information remains private from the seller? even for domain names which are currently not available in our database. Contact us we can help.

Stage 2: Negotiate A Price

  • Make Offer - 98% domain names listed with us have a min price, when you place a bid, the owner decides if they would like to negotiate with you.
  • Buy Now - If the BIN price is accepted, you and the seller of this domain name will both receive an e-mail from with further instructions on how to start the secure transaction.
  • Auction - Domain names can be auctioned on our platform, where the highest bid wins. You can see the bids made by others on the domain sales page.

Stage 3: Payment & Transfer

  • If your offer is accepted we will send out our sales agreement for all parties to sign.
  • Once contract is signed you are required to complete the transaction.
  • The escrow process will begin.
  • We handle the smooth transfer of ownership rights.


  • Use relevant keywords & memorable words
  • Take social network availability into account.
  • Avoid using existing trademarks unless you own them.
  • Ideally, your domain name should be short and simple. Short domains are easy to remember and easy to type making it less likely that visitors will end up somewhere else by mistake.
  • Look Into Alternative Top-Level Domains! .com domains are more common, but other TLDs are good too.
  • Buyers are advised to do their full due diligence before purchasing.