About Us

Find Name is a Domain Name Marketplace & Brokerage Company, our site is led by founder Jag Singh

Our inventory is updated on the 1st of every month, we always verify domain name ownership before listing. All names are owned by the domain portfolio companies that partner with us.

We do advise buyers to do their own due diligence before purchasing any domain names. If you are not sure about how to go about doing due diligence on domain names please feel free to email us, or watch this video Due Diligence for Domain Names, Websites and Services.

Our Marketplace - We have over 1000+ domain names listed, all of which are owned by our trusted clients. Feel free to register and make an offer on any domain name listed with us, we will pass over the offer to the owner(s) and negotiate a deal. Owners can decide to accept the offer or agree to start a 14-day auction where the highest bidder will win the domain name, but if no-one else bids it will then be sold to the buyer that made the first bid.

Our Brokerage - We exclusively broker domain names at Find Name, all the domain names that we broker are redirected to us. This way it will automatically show trust to any buyers that we are directly working with the owner on selling the asset. To see list of Domain Names we have on exclusive Click Here

We offer our service to you at absolutely zero risks and also zero upfront cost. You never pay us unless we sell the domain name for you. We want to make it simple for all parties involved, we just ask for min 10% of the total sale price that we close.